The Pleat team

The Pleat management team consists of a team with a respectful track record of successful developments and commercialization of new technologies into conservative industrial markets. As a technology owner and developer, the company has invested in required tools and capable staff, in order to secure strong technology knowledge in-house. During development phases the company has increased the capacity and key knowledge by cooperation with suppliers, customers and other. Pleat has a workshop for prototype assembly and testing


Managing Director – Stein Oddvar Sægrov
Stein Oddvar Sægrov has 20+ years of combined technical and commercial experience. 15 years from Hitec / National Oilwell. He has served as Managing Director of Hitec Norway ltd in Canada in 1994, and as Manager for Sales and Marketing, Hitec Drilling & Marine system inc, Houston. After that he had a position as Sales mgr. of Onix Software, before he returned to the offshore industry as Customer Relations & Sales mgr. of National Oilwell Norway. Has a technical degree as Automation engineer, and added applicable management training. Has led Pleat AS with enthusiasm and long term plans since 2006.

Phone: +47 977 98 166


Technology Manager – Otto Godeset
Otto Godeset has a MSc degree in machine technology from NTNU, and has worked as engineer in Hitec/National Oilwell from -97 to 2006. Since 2006 he has been in charge of Pleat AS’ technological development.

Phone: +47 408 91 951


Financial Director – Per Øystein Fluør
Economy education, registered auditor with comprehensive experience. Chief consultant in Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS, responsible for economy systems. Controller in Marine Consulting Group AS, and later CEO and business manager in Hitec Marine AS. Authorized Accountant, owner and manager of Fluør Regnskap og Revisjon AS.

Phone: +47 907 82 538