Pleat Evaporators

extremely energy-effective

Pleat's basic patent gives a catalytic, extremely energy-effective boiling process. This type of boiling is the core mechanism within thermal distillation - the most robust water cleaning technique today. Basically, it shows signs of a unique energy-effective water cleaning technology, which suits both commercial drinking water markets and industrial water markets.

The Pleat evaporator element has similarities with plate evaporators, but utilize geometrical ratios allowing optimal conditions for both the boiling and condensation side of the element.


Extremely low delta temperature
The Pleat Evaporator elements has proven capability to produce from 0,6°C delta temperature, and produce at high rate at ΔT 1-3°C. Of course, the boiling process can be further accelerated to the level required by raising ΔT, but remaining in the free convection interval brings several advantages regarding energy consumption and cleanliness. 

Reduced scaling
The Pleat evaporator operates in the lowest area of convection boiling, with reduced scaling as a result. Extended cleaning intervals give improved regularity and economy.